[Histonet] Tunel and IHC

Till, Renee TillRenee <@t> uams.edu
Tue Jun 20 09:58:29 CDT 2006

Has anyone tried to co-localize an IHC and Tunel on cells with
fluorescence? I saw tons of messages about Tunel, but nothing about this
specifically. It seems to me that in some ways cells would present more
of a problem. Another tech (I don't do just cells) is trying to do Tunel
and Pten fluorescence on the same slide. He has tried doing the Tunel
first and then the Pten, and it seemed to work. He is going to try doing
it the other way also to compare. You could do multiple slides, but
would it be the same as if you were doing tissues that you could use
nearly identical sections for each of the stains and the double?  What
I'm wondering is what are the problems that occur and how does doing
fluorescence factor into it. He mentioned not doing the proteinase K
step of the Tunel (because it would interfere with the subsequent Pten
staining) and still got staining. Is that valid?  To just skip a step
that you would normally do? 

He checks the first stain before starting the second, but doesn't take
any photos until both are done. Shouldn't you at least take a photo when
checking the first stain to see if the second affects it any? Just seems
like he has too many variables.


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