[Histonet] Leucocyte Staining - is Giemsa enough?

Nicola Cragg n.cragg <@t> epistem.co.uk
Mon Jun 19 10:36:39 CDT 2006

Hi All,

Is there a histological stain which stains for all leucocytes and can
this stain be used as a counterstain after DAB as part of an IHC stain?

I have a working protocol for May-Grunwald's-Giemsa which I have used
successfully on frozen sections.  However, I'm not sure whether a) this
can be used as a counterstain on FFPE after DAB and b) whether it stains
enough types of leucocytes to describe it as a "leucocyte counterstain".

I have read with interest the post's on Giemsa & Wright's stain but I'm
still unsure as to whether I'm on the right lines.  I've also been
reading up on leucocytes to try & figure this out, which gets quite
confusing in itself.  

Do I really need to be doing a double IHC with a leucocytes marker, e.g.
CD45/ Leucocyte Common Antigen?

I would really appreciate any help with this.

Thank you in advance,

Nicola Cragg
Manchester, UK

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