[Histonet] Who is this MORON?

Joe Nocito jnocito <@t> satx.rr.com
Fri Jun 16 18:32:58 CDT 2006

my turn, my turn (y'all know I live for this kind of thing)

people like this moron just say and do things to inflame people on purpose. 
Unlike people with more than four synapses working, this eye dee ten tee (i 
d io t) would not understand what an insult is.
    It could be worse, he (and I use the male pronoun because females never 
would use such language, in public anyway) could work for you. Then what? 
There isn't enough Hybiclens made in the world to wash  his mouth out.
    There is only one way to deal with fungus like this. Perform a GMS stain 
using a microwave or bring his little butt to south Texas, strip him down, 
tie him down near a fire ant mound, pour honey over him, kick the fire ant 
mound and watch with glee. OH forget it, that would be a waste of good 
honey. Just kick the mound.
    I love Flaming Fridays.

Joe "flame me" Nocito

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You know what I find funny.... There were far less "flaming" posts toward 
this guy than I've had to some of my innocent, honest question/answer posts 
in the past.  Maybe all this time I have been using the wrong "language".
Happy Friday everyone!
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