[Histonet] Who is this MORON?

Sherri Anderson specialstainsqueen <@t> hotmail.com
Fri Jun 16 12:13:33 CDT 2006

Well, I guess I should clarify -- I gave the person the same info as Glen 
regarding unsubscribing.  I made no mention of anything else.  :)


>From: "Sherri Anderson" <specialstainsqueen <@t> hotmail.com>
>To: Terry.Marshall <@t> rothgen.nhs.uk, 
>GDawson <@t> dynacaremilwaukee.com,histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu
>Subject: RE: [Histonet] Who is this MORON?
>Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:58:41 -0400
>I had just sent him a direct email stating the same thing that Glen said by 
>the time I read these responses.  Of course, to show him a little respect, 
>I addressed him as "Mr. F*** Head".  :)
>>From: "Marshall Terry Dr,Consultant Histopathologist" 
>><Terry.Marshall <@t> rothgen.nhs.uk>
>>To: "Dawson, Glen" 
>><GDawson <@t> dynacaremilwaukee.com>,<histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu>
>>Subject: RE: [Histonet] Who is this MORON?
>>Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:30:45 +0100
>>Hold on Glen. It was a simple request:-)
>>Dr Terry L Marshall, B.A.(Law), M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.Path
>>  Consultant Pathologist
>>  Rotherham General Hospital
>>  South Yorkshire
>>  England
>>         terry.marshall <@t> rothgen.nhs.uk
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>>From: Dawson, Glen [mailto:GDawson <@t> dynacaremilwaukee.com]
>>Sent: 16 June 2006 15:59
>>To: JEFF TATUM ZELIADT; histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu
>>Subject: [Histonet] Who is this MORON?
>>If anyone knows who this foul mouthed little kid is or where I can find 
>>him please let me know so I can rip his head off and defecate down his 
>>In case he has more than 3 or 4 functional brain cells: to unsubscribe, 
>>respond to the histonet with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line & 
>>you'll be removed from the list.  Save your potty mouth a bit so you can 
>>still suck on your nook while you watch Sesame Street.
>>Glen D.
>>Milwaukee, WI
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>>Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 10:53 PM
>>To: sluhisto <@t> yahoo.com; histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu
>>Cc: tetriba <@t> slu.edu
>>Subject: RE: [Histonet] Sirius Red Protocol mouse pancreas
>>    you  are  fuckin pissing me off with all these messages. pull you head
>>    out of your ass and remove me from your lists
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>>      From:  Histology SLU <sluhisto <@t> yahoo.com>
>>      To:  "histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu"
>>      <histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu>
>>      CC:  tetriba <@t> slu.edu
>>      Subject:  [Histonet] Sirius Red Protocol mouse pancreas
>>      Date:  Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:52:36 -0700 (PDT)
>>      >Hello All:
>>      >
>>      >    I  have  a dilemma that I hope that someone out there can shed
>>      some  light on.  We have an investigator that has been working with
>>      mouse FFPE pancreas.  We have been doing the processing, embedding,
>>      sectioning, and sirius red staining.  Lately, however, we have been
>>      getting  too  much  red,  more  than the collagen is staining.  The
>>      staining  pattern is everywhere!!  This is a new development and we
>>      have tried the following:
>>      >
>>      >   1.  Making new reagents
>>      >    2.  Evaluating the processes that the mouse went through prior
>>      to necropsy.
>>      >    3.  Did  a  fixation evaluation to make sure that fixation was
>>      not an issue.
>>      >   4.  Multiple techs performing stain
>>      >
>>      >    We  are  at a loss to help this investigator and don't want to
>>      give  up!!  We  had performed this stain numerous times in the past
>>      for this investigator without any problems.
>>      >
>>      >    Any help you can send my way would be appreciated by myself as
>>      well as the investigator.
>>      >
>>      >   Susan
>>      >
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