[Histonet] Trichrome staining and fibrin

Timo Väisänen timo.vaisanen <@t> oulu.fi
Tue Jun 13 09:33:58 CDT 2006

Hello all,

I have struggled with getting Masson Trichrome (Goldner) staining to work with
kidney biopsies. The problem is that our pathologist does not get positive
fibrin staining to glomeruli in diseased kidneys. Those areas of the glomeruli
that should contain fibrin, at least according to the pathologist, are green
(Lichtgrun) and not red, as they should be, whatever I do. I have tried to
enhance the staining with Bouin's fixative (+56C) pretreatment but it did not
change the overall situation. However, the red stain was more intense in skin
samples containing fibrin (formalin fixed). I have also tried another Trichrome
staining with Crocein Scarlet 7B without any luck. In our lab kidney biopsies
are routinely fixed with alcoholic Bouin's. As far as I know it should be
compatible with the Masson protocol we use. Any ideas? Any good protocols that
I could try?

Thank's in advance,


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