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thanks to all to answered my DAB waste question.
Some suggestions were to use that DABout filtering system, adding bleach to 
the container and letting it soak overnight, sending the containers to CAP 
in Chicago.

Oops, there I go again. I'm sorry. I'll try to behave. Yeah, right.

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Hi Tom
Today we became proud owners of a brand new Dako unit and I had that
exact thought in mind - what to do with a 20 litre bottle of
dab-contaminated waste....every couple of weeks - here in the UAE we
have little choice as there are no federal laws and no off-site waste
companies to cart waste off even for a fee.
I am stuck until someone in authority writes the book of rules.
I just know that one of you will go 'gasp!shock!horror'! and insist that
I be pro-active - I am - some of you know me to be 'tenacious' - this is
correct - but even that has not helped me here. Advice has been offered,
best practice quoted, OH&S quoted, internet sites accessed, printed,
handed over in report form, promises are made by those in authority and
then broken.
We stockpile safely off site and wait
This is true for ALL toxic waste in this laboratory, as well as the rest
of the labs, together with mercury filled blood pressure cuffs, some
broken, 'expired' rat poison, old mercury thermometers, 'unknown'
unlabelled chemicals from shut down labs...some scary stuff
But - I digress - back to the DAB....and how to manage the growing
volume of dab waste.....
Any suggestions.....???

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I have the Dako unit.  It separates the hazardous/non-hazardous waste.
The DAB goes into a 20L carboy that is then hauled off-site for

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with the risk of sounding stupid (which happens to me often) how are
people disposing their DAB contaminated Ventana waste? I mean, there is
so little actual DAB present.
    I refuse to answer any questions that might incriminate me. I know
what you are thinking.
    I have a new safety office who just happens to be certified in
hazmat (yes, for those who know me, it's Hector). Hector keeps bugging
me about it.
    For those who don't know us, Hector and I are joined at the hip.
Last year in Ft. Lauderdale, everyone knew something was wrong because
they saw Hector without me. No, we are not homosexuals, not that it
matters. Hector was my histology instructor and we are really, really
close friends.
    Oh d _ _ m, I'm sure I just offended somebody. I'm leaving now
before I say something else wrong. It must be Friday. Why do I do this
to myself?
    Have a safe weekend y'all.

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