[Histonet] CAP question on monitoring lab temp/humidity

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Hello Joe;

If your goal is to minimize queries from the regulatory people then you
might consider using a HOBO data logger which can be set to automatically
take temperature and RH. This unit is real nice because you can program the
interval time from a few seconds to many days. It will also download the
data, graph the data, almost everything except your taxes and make your
coffee. They are battery operated and portable. We have used them to monitor
freezers, fridges, ambient temps. Mine is pretty ancient (kinda like me), so
I'm sure they have come up with newer spiffier models and they aren't too
expensive.  Right now the CAP guys aren't asking for regulated levels, they
are obviously just in the information gathering stage, and if they get an
indication that temperature and relative humidity can affect lab results,
you can be sure that this will become more of a pain. 

To be honest we found that relative humidity can affect the performance of
our autostainers, but its the real low RH seen here in the winter that
creates havoc (typically the lab can be down in the 10-15% RH in January, if
you are wearing your silk jockeys, you can zap a spark at your equipment
from a half an inch away- hard drives hate this sort of stuff).

Back to the topic though, you could set up the equipment to record the data,
graph it for yourself and have a look at it when the lab is having one of
those weeks... or just show to the Cap guys the "monitored values".

Brian Chelack
Prairie Diagnostic Services
Saskatoon, SK.

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            Okay, I can't stay quiet any longer. The new general checklist
question asks if the temperature and humidity levels are monitored. Okay,
but they don't state a range or what to do if the temp & humidity are out of
range. Has any one come up with an idea? And people wonder why I have a
problem with CAP.

Happy Monday. 


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