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Is this what Ventana advises?  Labs should check with their local waste 
water treatment plant before TREATING anything or putting "diluted" DAB 
down the drain. If laboratories are generating this kind of waste on a 
weekly basis, this adds up over time. In general, waste water plants do not 
like this and EPA does monitor water around here.  Montana has discharge 
rules (maybe for larger industries) but our city does not want medicines, 
household cleaners, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, oil, etc, flushed 
down the drains and warn residents frequently about this in their water bills.

Wouldn't it be better to collect and have it hauled away for proper 
chemical disposal than add even "minute" amounts of a potential carcinogen 
to our water supply.  We use very little  DAB in our lab, but all 
chromogens AEC, DAB, permanent red, etc, (very low volume usage) are 
collected for chemical waste pickup and proper disposal.

An interesting sidelight, tested water wells in parts of Montana now have 
traces of sunscreen chemical, medicines, herbicides,   nitrates and 
nitrites.  So much for the "pristine"  environment and pure water out in 
the Wild Wild West /Rocky Mountain region.   Drink beer and brush you teeth 
with it too,  it may be safer when you visit some Montana dude ranch!

Gayle Callis HTL, HT, MT(ASCP)
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Montana State University
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At 11:19 AM 6/12/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Joe,
>A specific answer to your question, regarding Ventana not DAKO waste. The 
>volume of  DAB in the waste is very small and diluted considerably by the 
>other solvent free solutions.
>It can be thrown down the sink, washed down with plenty of water.
>However there is a technique for deactivation of DAB which is applicable 
>to any form of DAB waste.
>Prepare a 2 mol/litre H2SO4 solution, and a 0.2 mol/litre KMnO4 solution
>         - Add 50 ml of each solution to the Ventana DAB waste to be destroyed
>         - Let the 3 solutions react overnight
>         - Discard the solution into a regular sink, and wash down with 
> plenty of water.
>Hope this is of use,
>Best regards
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