[Histonet] Richards Query-Diminishing support services

Heather Renko omnivore98 <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Jun 9 19:27:02 CDT 2006

  I can say that I have seen pathologists accession in their own cases at several different institutions in the late evening and on the weekends due to lack of staffing.  I think its a shame having such highly trained pathologists doing tasks that a lab assistant or histology technician should be doing.  Most histology techs are overworked too, so who is left?  Unfortunately, in today's lab its not always easy to budget a FTE for these tasks throughout the day and weekends.  I know in many instances this is why we see so much turnover with histology techs is that many times we end up being the lab assistant amongst the many other hats we wear.  The pathologists need to be more assertive with the hospital administrators and insist on more FTE's. 
    In a perfect world, I sure would hope to have more ancillary staff to help free up my pathologists.  

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