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Hi! Nita,

When I worked at Dr. Freeman's lab in Dallas we did the Warthin & Starry.  We were very careful about glassware, we made sure that it was "acid Cleaned", we also put everything, including the pipettes, in the oven at 60 degrees overnight and took it out as we were ready to use in the stain.  It worked very well, however, I have not had that kind of luck elsewhere.  

My favorite procedure, and I am assuming you are staining for spirochetes, is the Stiener & Steiner.  I always purchase the "Modified Silver Kit" from Sigma Aldrich and the results are great.  I use the same kit for the Genta procedure for helicobacter.  I believe the kit's catalog number is HT101, you might want to check that number.

Hope this is helpful.  If you have any further questions you could call me at 573-875-9354.


Sharyl Kewley, HT (ASCP)

Columbia Regional Hospital

Columbia, Missouri


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I have a tech that's having problems with the Warthin-Starry. She
believes its the citric acid. Can someone share their procedure (the
simpler the better) and specifics on citric acid? I believe that she is
getting a large amt. of precipitate when she mixes silver??

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