[Histonet] trying to locate MSDS for AO polishing compound

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> I have just spent a fruitless hour hunting the MSDS net for a list of the 
> ingredients for American Optical "AOlite polishing compound" circa 1970 ish? 
> Yes, I foolishly found a bottle in deep storage. Yes, probably it's just 
> mineral oil and some kind of grit, but, I need to dispose of this properly. AO has 
> been out of business for a bit, so no help there, google no help, siri msds 
> no help, ilpi no help, etc.  I have tried all the MSDS websites that I know 
> of, and there are many, and no luck...Anyone out there have any more 
> hints/help? Thanks!
> Kathy 
> Div Comp Med 

Hi Kathy,

It's a long, *long* shot, but you might try calling Leica.  AO was absorbed 
by Leica several years ago, back in the days before MSDS sheets were such a big 
deal, so info may be limited or nonexistent.

The number is 1-800-248-0123.  Ask for Don Birgerson.  I don't think I've 
been able to stump Don yet, after all these years!



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