[Histonet] Farewell to the VA, Texas (and the histonet for now)

Thweatt, John T John.Thweatt <@t> va.gov
Tue Jun 6 08:46:19 CDT 2006

Dear All,  
    I will soon be leaving the VA (U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs)
Hospital after much painstaking thought and deliberation. It may seem a
little sudden, but it was a decision that has been brewing for months.
It is hard to depart and walk away after 16 years with the VA, 14 at
this VA in Amarillo, but in order to pursue one opportunity, you have to
leave and let another go. Unfortunately you cannot have your cake and
eat it too, that is what makes it so hard. 
     I am leaving my home state of Texas and seeking work and adventure
in the great state of Washington. It is sad and difficult, but I must
say goodbye now to all my good friends and fellow histotechs from the
great state of Texas. I can only hope now that the histology community
would take me in and accept my company (and employment) in my new home
state of Washington!
      I think back and reflect on what makes the histonet so unique and
great and what immediately comes to mind is the great bond of people out
there in the Histology community that are willing to reach out and help
others along the way in their career, just as you have helped in mine.
It is as if the "Histonet" takes on an identity of its own, a dynamic
"histoforce" if you may. If there was ever a question or a concern in
this growing field of ours, one just had to post and wait just a few
hours before a whole host of replies would appear from all over our
nation, and now all over the world as well. What a great system! Who
ever created it is nothing short of genius! And let us not forget the
hosting sponsors. Without them, this idea or concept would not be
possible. The multipurpose index-able database would also fail to exist.
      If you were ever interested in a certain topic, stay tuned as the
posts appear, there is something out there for everyone, beginner or
novice. I have really benefited from such a wealth of information from
such a seasoned pool of experts, and I am also not afraid to return the
favor should a question arise that I can help someone with.  I always
enjoy reading the posts from the regulars on the "net" and hope to be
reunited with you all in the very near future.
      A million thoughts are going through my mind at this time. Certain
key words and phrases are buzzing through my head to the point of
distraction. I feel obligated to say something cleaver, or witty or even
somewhat wise, so that you all would remember me by, but I am asking the
impossible as I know that people do not want to hear all this; the
bottom line is I am absolutely awful when it comes to say goodbye. I
prefer to say so-long for now as I intend to return to the histonet soon
once I get moved, settled and back to work in Washington.  
     Sometimes you have to be willing to take on some risks, to go
forward and step out there and make this big change of location and
scenery to the Pacific Northwest, and this again is part of it. Vision
without action, is only a dream. That is why we must go to pursue that
dream and that also means having no regrets in doing it. My last day
with the VA in the Histology lab is this coming Friday, June 9th   It
has been fun. For now you will all be missed.

Tom Thweatt, HT (ASCP)
Amarillo VA Health Care System
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service
Anatomical Pathology
6010 Amarillo Boulevard West
Amarillo, TX   79106
806-355-9703 x 7071 fax 806-354-7865

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