[Histonet] Sakura coverslipper Model 6400

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Fri Jun 2 11:22:13 CDT 2006

   I  agreee  with the automated coverslipper.  I have had good luck with
   it in the past, and if you do a lot of coverslipping, its a dream come
   true  ;)

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     >I  don't  find this to be true - we have 1000 blocks (give or take
     150 blocks) so we have a load of slides and real good luck with the
     Leica CV5030 coverslippers - we have three of them.
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     >Hi Histonetters,
     >I'm  demoing  this automated glass coverslipper for two weeks. The
     person  who  currently  repairs  (frequently) my tape coverslippers
     said   "if  I  think  I  have  problems  now,  moving  to  a  glass
     coverslipper will be even worse".
     >What are your opinions?
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