[Histonet] histotechs grossing and CLIA regs (again)

Ron Martin pathrm35 <@t> adelphia.net
Thu Jun 1 19:29:46 CDT 2006

Fellow techs,

I know this topic has been mentioned several times in the past but here I go again. I think the general interpretation ( from previous postings) on CLIA regs for histotechs grossing is the following:
1) After 1995 a person must have a minmum of a AS degree in a science ( Bio, Chem, Biochem, MLT, etc). 
2) Before 1995 no degree but documented training in grossing.

My questions are: Do these CLIA regs apply to all independent labs including POL's (Physician Office Labs)? I am currently with a POL derm lab and this question has come up. 
Also, in the state of Florida, is a state of Florida tech license required to gross ( in my case all derms)?

Sorry to rehash old topics but I just need some additional input.

Ron Martin

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