[Histonet] Attention: Joe Galbraith - Tau AT8

Thu Jun 1 07:02:11 CDT 2006

This message is to Joe Galbraith-  I was searching the Histonet archives 
and I ran across his protocol for Tau AT8 from endogen. 
It said "1:2000 dil,  no pretreatment, 15-15 dakoautostainer" 
I was needing more details.  I have been working with the biotinylated 
MN1020B and also I tried the MN1020. 
Joe or anyone else who has gotten this antibody to work in  paraffin 8 um 
sections please send me the protocol. 
I tried the biotinylated in HRP.
Antigen retrieval in both citrate and formic acid
3% Hydrogen Peroxide in PBS 5 min, Power Block 5 min 
dilutions ranging from 100-2000, for 2 hrs and ON
Vector ABC 30 min - 1 hr, DAB 5- 10 min.
I just received the MN1020
and tried it no pretreament, 3% Hydrogen peroxide 5 min, Power Block 5 
min, 1:2000 antibody 15 minutes, 1:500- Southern Biotech goat anti mouse 
kappa FITC- 30 min.

Thank you

Cynthia A DeLong
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