[Histonet] cleaning a cryostat after possible contamination with t.b.

Harrison, Sandra C. Sandra.Harrison3 <@t> va.gov
Tue Jan 31 13:27:58 CST 2006

Dear Histonetters,

I've checked with numerous other labs, also with CAP, to try to
determine the best method for decontaminating a cryostat after a
specimen has been cut on it that might be t.b.


Almost everyone agrees that the cryostat needs to be shut down, brought
to room temp, and exposed to a disinfectant.  The variations seem to be
in which disinfectant.  


Some use 37% formalin in an open container placed in the cryostat,
allowing it to remain in there overnight so that the cryostat is exposed
to the fumes.  Then the interior is wiped down with absolute alcohol.
After 24-48 hours, to ensure complete dryness, the cryostat is turned
back on.


Some people use a liquid phenolic, rather than formalin fumes and then
absolute alcohol.


The downside of using the formalin fumes is that some have reported
pitting in the cryostats interior.


Of course, the best of all would be to have one of the self
de-contaminating cryostats which use either ultra-violet light or have a
well for the 37% formalin and is an automatic cycle.


Please tell me what methods YOU are finding best and why.




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