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  I have used methacarn quite a bit in the past and we did occasionally get a precipitate.  When this happened, we would just filter the solution and then use it.  It should be fine if you filter the solution.  Remember that it should be kept in the fridge and has a limited shelf life, maybe 2 weeks or so in the fridge.
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  Kim Merriam
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kjsavage <@t> buffalo.edu wrote:
  Greetings all,

I am having a difficult time trying to make methacarn fixative. I have 
searched the list archives and found a posting in May 2005 from someone 
that was having the same problem I am facing: a white precipitate 
forming. In one of the responses to his posting it was suggested to 
use glass only (pipets, vials etc...). I have done that, and still the 
precipitate forms. I have also used all new reagents (chloroform, 
methanol, acetic acid) and still the precipitate forms. Does anyone 
have some more suggestions as to what is going wrong? Thanks, Kathy

Kathy Savage, PhD
Dept. of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
SUNY-University at Buffalo

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