[Histonet] PLEASE HELP Replacement imaging monitor for Biorad MRC 600 Confocal microscope

Peter Bannister peter_bannister <@t> hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 03:42:56 CST 2006

Hello Histonetters,
Does anyone know the make and model of a suitable replacement for the broken 
imaging monitor I have attached to my MRC 600 confocal microscope? The 
problem is that the system is ancient (but all we've got for the moment), 
Biorad no longer exist, and the system will only work with a slow scan 
monitor that must be connected via a standard BNC RGB video cable. I have 
found some Sony Trinitron CCTV monitors on the web but have no way of 
knowing for sure if they will work before I make the purchase. Do any of you 
kind Histonetters use this Biorad system? What model is your imaging 

Any help will be very much appreciated.
Peter Bannister

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