[Histonet] Re: marker of endothelial differentiation in vitro

Mark Adam Tarango marktarango <@t> earthlink.net
Sat Jan 21 16:06:41 CST 2006

You know it's funny that you mention tube like structures...... do they look fairly long and rectangular?  I have something growing in tissue culture that looks like that.  These cells started off as hemangiomas.  We used collangenase to break it up, and are growing these cells in DMEM with added penicillin/streptomyacin and fetal bovine serum. 
I've seen quite a few of these, one person thinks they look like myocytes....heart muscle cells in particular, they aren't beating or anythying though.  And if that is what they are, i'd be really really surprised.  Most of the cells look like fibroblasts (I'm thinking that what look like fibroblasts might be pericytes) with some scattered possible endothelial cells.    We transfected a few dishes with a vector to induce division, but we don't see these cells in any of the tissue culture dishes containing the transformed cells.  I wonder if we are looking at the same thing.  I've ordered a camera for our inverted scope, i'll have to take a picture when it comes in.  I'm curious if your "tube like structures" resemble what i have in culture.  Can you send a picture?
Do you see multple cells composing the tube-like structures?  Are you sure that they are even cells?  Sounds intersting.

Mark Tarango

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 11:05:28 +0100
From: Annette Ekblond <DKAEK <@t> coloplast.com>
Subject: [Histonet] marker of endothelial differentiation in vitro
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Dear subscribers

-does anyone know of an endothelial marker specific to endothelial cells that have
differentiated into tube-like
structures (in vitro) - and not proliferating endothelial cultures??

Kind regards


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