[Histonet] Counter stain - P.S.

Andrea T. Hooper anh2006 <@t> med.cornell.edu
Thu Jan 19 15:52:54 CST 2006

Good point. I personally use hematoxylin for many of my weak nuclear 
stains especially when quantitating the stain. I just stain them very 

>P.S.  Dyes like light green or fast green, which stain everything the same
>shade and don't differentiate nuclei, are suitable as counterstains for some
>immuno work.  However, in staining for a nuclear antigen it is particularly
>important to have the nuclei visible.  Otherwise how can you be sure that
>the staining you see is actually in the nuclei?  That's the advantage of
>methyl green.  It doesn't stain anything very dark, but it does stain the
>nuclei a little darker than the cytoplasm, so you can see where they are.


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