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Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:32:20 CST 2006

>There is a recent interesting and excellent publication on this subject
>Shuji Yamashita and Yasunori Okada
>Application of Heat-induced Antigen Retrieval to Aldehyde-fixed Fresh 
>Frozen Sections
>J. Histochem. Cytochem., Nov 2005; 53: 1421 - 1432.
>Erie Scientific makes a new plus charge slide, called EXCEL (sp?)   Have 
>them send a sample to try as these are supposed to be more resistant to 
>retrieval, mainly EDTA.  Worth a try to see it they are better for frozen 
>sections.  If you do NOT use NBF or aldehyde fixation for a frozen section 
>in the first place, then retrieval is NOT needed.  You can do acetone 
>fixation for CD markers and live retrieval free.
>We never do retrieval on fresh tissue frozen sections but we do NOT use 
>PFA or NBF for fixation which mess up too many of our CD markers.
>.  At 07:39 AM 1/19/2006, you wrote:
>>Any helpful hints for keeping cryosections on the slide during antigen
>>retrieval? I am not very experience in cryosections used for immunos,
>>but they have cd markers that have to be antigen retrieved. Using the
>>same retrieval as I do however often makes the sections come off the
>>slides. I believe they use just Superfrost Plus slides. Would any other
>>type of slide help? Right now they use Citra Plus in the microwave for 2
>>minutes on power 10, then 10 minutes on power 1. That is what I do for
>>my paraffin sections and it is fine. Perhaps less time? Or even a
>>different antigen retrieval solution? I have asked for help with
>>problems before that this lab has had. They always hire techs for
>>everthing else and want me to teach them the histo part of it.

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