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I have been drying slides in the microwave since I came here in 1992.  All
slides for all applications (H&E, specials, immunos, etc...) are dried in a
regular kitchen microwave for 6 minutes.  The only draw back I have found is
that we have to use plastic racks to dry them in and then transfer to our
metal staining rack for our autostainer (our autostainer does not have a
drying station built in).  What we do to make sure there is consistent
drying is to have a urine cup full of water sitting next to the drying rack
with the slides.  We always get conisistent drying and have no artifact.  We
have sent some our slides out for consultation and have gotten back comments
that our slides are excellent quality.  I have a new Histo grade microwave
sitting here, but have not calculated the time needed to dry our slides yet,
but will shortly.  

I have been flamed before for stating that I use the microwave for slide
drying, so please save your flaming!!!!!  Some of us just do what works!!!!!

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We are having a discussion about slide drying at out facility. How many of
you out there use a microwave to dry your H&E slides before staining versus
using a conventional 70 degree Celsius hot air slide drying oven for 20
minutes? I personally against microwave slide drying but the doctors like it
because it takes less time (3 min. 30 sec. on medium setting). Thanks for
your response.

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