[Histonet] RE: TBS Polyfin

Osborn, Sharon sharon.osborn <@t> dnax.org
Wed Jan 11 12:52:52 CST 2006

	I have used TBS Polyfin for a number of years and we currently use
it in this facility.  I like it especially for embedding for it remain more
clear when cutting.  It also sets up more quickly than other paraffins when
embedding so those who are more speedy in embedding are able to continue
their speed with great results. It also maintains its integrity when doing
block chilling and microtomy (less crazing or cracking of the paraffin than
other types).  It is more 'clear'or translucent than some other paraffins in
allowng visualization of the specimen in the block.  Cost is about the same
as Paraplast (for us anyway).  In some laboratories, we have used paraplast
plus for the infiltration on the processors and Polyfin for the embedding
without problems.   I realize that some technologists feel doing this could
create problems; however, we did not experience problems with the mixture in
this way. 

Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA 

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Has anyone ever used the TBS Polyfin paraffin for tissue infiltration and
embedding.  I'm considering a change from the paraplast I currently use.


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