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Vaughn Fierke Vfierke <@t> SNBLUSA.com
Mon Jan 9 17:53:04 CST 2006

Finally, the West Coast is finally getting ready to launch a new formal
histotechnology program at Cogswell College in  Everett, Washington.
It's first class, An Introduction to Histology Technique I, is currently
accepting students for credit or to audit. The first class will start
Tuesday 1/24. The class will be a 2 hour lecture series; a lab on
Thursday will be 4 hours. The sessions will last through April. Upon
completion, the successful student can be eligible to begin attending a
clinical/research lab for practical experience and credit. Other related
science classes are also available. This new program is intended to be a
2-year (AA with HT eligibility) and 4-year degree in histotechnology
with eligibility to take the HTL-level certification. The program is
being evaluated to be approved as an accredited program through the
state's education board and for all successful students to meet the
requirements for ASCP-certifications. Initial approval processes are
going very well.
Those in the education fields know well how difficult it is in acquiring
equipment and supplies in the initial phases. I would like to make a
request for any labs to help in developing this initial process in
donating at least one item from your stores or just cleaning out the lab
closet and forwarding them to the college lab. Please contact me for
more information on the program and anything you would like to
contribute.  Thank you to the area labs and vendors for your support
Vaughn Fierke
Histology Supervisor

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