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Mon Jan 9 10:15:37 CST 2006

To view the Clinical Laboratory Technology Act and read the entire bill, which does include histotechnicians and histotechnologists, you may use this link: http://www.op.nysed.gov/article165.htm  
To check for updates as they become available, use this link: http://www.op.nysed.gov/clp.htm  
I spoke with Dr. Kathleen Doyle today at the NYS Education Department. They are putting the regulations/requirements for licensure together. It is their intent to make them generic acording to practice and as broad as possible. The same is to be said of the exams. They will be exams of practice, not education, it is up to schools to test your education. She stated an example of Physician licensure in NYS. An MD can be licensed to practice medicine in NYS but an employer may require additional board certification specialties. NYS will not test for those. 
Currently, as they look at grandparenting  they will be looking for five of more years of experience to qualify for this. You will be required to submit attestations from former work experience and there is no time limit. Again, they are trying to make this fairly broad. As to where you have attained this experience, she said it could be from Brazil to Connecticut. 
One of the reasons that you don't hear frequent updates is that it is a fairly lengthy process. Here is what they are trying to use for a timeline at the moment: 
1. Board of Directors are really pushing to get the education regulations done in the next two months 
2. Submit language to the NYS Register for 40 to 60 day review 
3. Submit to Board of Regents where it is hopefully enacted 
4. Finish registration materials 
5. Post registration on: http://www.op.nysed.gov/clp.htm  
6. Begin processing applications 
7. If too close to September 1, 2006, may have to ask for extension of date so that professional will not be non-compliant with law 
Note: Dr. Doyle stated that you would have up to two years to apply. You would not be able to work during that time, but there was a window of opportunity there. (Sorry, I can't remember if this referred to grandparenting or not. I was trying to take notes). 
So keep checking the clp.htm site and try to join us in Saratoga Springs in April :) 
Judy LaDuc, President 
NYS Histotechnological Society 

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