[Histonet] Microwave drying/paraffin sections from Histonet archives -long but maybe pertinent?

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Mon Jan 9 09:46:27 CST 2006


I agree and that is why some glass and ceramics have warnings on them to 
NOT microwave. That was the point of this comment in the text of my 
reply.  I just did not say ceramics, but I have some in my home that are 
forbidden in a MW oven.  I am aware of warnings - at least with my home MW 
oven -  that MW'ing dry containers in a MW or running a MW without water 
present is not good for the MW oven either.

"Some glass containers have gold borders or other components(?) that are 
not microwaveable, with warnings -  but these are
not glass slides."

  At 11:14 PM 1/7/2006, you wrote:
>Dear Gayle,
>Food for thought follows.
>My subjective feeling is that ceramics are heated
>by microwaves. The whole plate gets very hot, not
>just the area on which the watery and fatty foods
>were resting.
>John Kiernan
>London, Canada.
>Gayle Callis wrote:

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