[Histonet] Happy New Year's and competancy/volume questions

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Hi all,

It seems to me that the competencies below are for human tissues in a
hospital/clinical setting.  I was wondering if there are
competency/productivity standards for research histology on animal tissues
particularly mouse and rat species, paraffin and frozen.   We are looking to
establish some base guidelines for our lab.  Any suggestions are



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Hi Deb:
  In 3 labs I wrote competencies for the expectation for sectoning was set
at 25 blocks/hour and for embedding at 60 blocks/hour.
  Each histotech was evaluated on that basis and their individual averages
  rated (as percentages) against the expectation. Those with averages above
expectations were evaluated better (and received salary compensations
accordingly). Nobody was considered "proficient" until their individual
average reached the expectation consistently.
  For time utilization (ratio between time with recorded tasks versus logged
time) the expectation was 75 % (i.e. 6 h with logged tasks agains 8 h/day
per shift).
  In the Dec./04 issue of the Journal of Histotechnology there are averages
for every imaginable task within the histology lab as a result of a survey
of 12 labs. with annual volumes ranging from 4800 to 77000 cases/year. If
your lab is within that range this information could be used by you.
  I hope this will help you!
  René J.

"Van Eyck, Deb" <deb.vaneyck <@t> phci.org> wrote:
Hi all,

If anyone has information they would like to share I would appreciate it. We
are a hospital lab and we are updating doing competencies. We are interested
in Volumes and expectations for embedding, cutting etc, that take into
account differeing experience levels, training and quality
expectations---does anyone have a good system or have good references or
articles that discuss this issue? thanks for your input. Deb

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