[Histonet] Re: Plastic sectioning

L.Driessen <@t> orthop.umcn.nl L.Driessen <@t> orthop.umcn.nl
Thu Jan 5 01:58:05 CST 2006

Dear Sunny,

First about the knife marks. To me it seems that you are using a blunt knife. Try a new/sharp one.
About the shattering: I don't know how youre blocks look like. Is the GMA well impregnated into the brain-tissue, for else this could explain the problem. If this is not the case (I don't think, else you would have mentioned it) then perhaps you can try to use some sort of tape. Stick it onto the block and then cut you're slice. I've tried it and it worked in my case. The only problem then is how to remove the tape without damaging the slice (unless you stain the slices when still sticked to the tape). There are also commercial tapes specially for this technique (see for instance this link:  http://www.alphelys.com/site/us/pHGP_CoupesParaffine.htm).

Best Regards,

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