[Histonet] TUNEL

NOAH R DRUCKENBROD ndruckenbrod <@t> wisc.edu
Tue Jan 3 16:41:10 CST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I am going to begin some TUNEL experiments for the first time and have
some basic questions.  First, how difficult is it to stain un-sectioned
embryonic tissue?  The target cells are about 4-5 cell layers in from
the surface.  Second, the target cells are transgenically labeled with
YFP--will the YFP signal,or its epitope, be lost by the tissue prep for
TUNEL?  Lastly, could I get some perspective on good/bad TUNEL kits?  I
have found some of this topic in the archive, but this advice may have a
shelf life.  Thanks in advance.

Noah Druckenbrod
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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