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Richard & Chen:
I agree completely with Caron's message below. We've been very happy
with Image Pro applications, and they have great support. Usually, the
best of any kind of product comes with great support. Make a wish list
of different things you would like to analyze, pick out some images to
use as examples, and see which program best supports these examples.
Whatever you are most satisfied with is your answer. 

Happy Holidays, 

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Dear Richard and Chen:
As David said there are many out there and no one does everything so the
best way is the figure out specifically what you want it to be able to
do and then get some demo's as you mentioned. If the company is any good
they should be able to show you what their software can do with your
specific data. If they can not do this then RUN because you will not get
the support you want or need with these kind of complicated software
packages. One of the one's that you may want to look at is Image Pro by
Media Cybernetics (www.mediacy.com). This has biological as well as
industrial applications but can be specially designed to your needs by
the use of macros. It is (depending on the application) sometimes not
user friendly but none of the high end applications are unless you know
about image analysis and computers. This company though does have some
very knowledgeable people and does run training courses regularly. But,
the most important thing is to see if it works with your
 application and data and to see if the local rep knows what they are
doing or you will be frustrated. They also have a users group forum like
this one that you can pick other's brains on. Check it out.
Caron Fournier, BSc, R.T.

Department of Orthopaedics,

Division of Orthopaedic Engineering Research,



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Dear Richard  and Chen
It depends on what type of analysis you need to do.
I do not think there is one package that does all.  The commercial
can be very expensive and usually don't live up to expectation.
One of the best is free from NIH!!


If you let me know your specific need I can be a bit more specific.

David Finkelstein (PhD),
The Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria,
dfinkelstein <@t> mhri.edu.au

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I am interested in this information too. Please include me in your
reply. Thanks.


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Hi all,

Just looking for feedback on image analysis systems that are out there.
I plan on demo-ing some and any info is welcome. Thanks!


Richard A. Breckenridge, HT(ASCP)

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