[Histonet] Off topic- hit delete if not a cat/animal lover - with my apologies

Victoria Baker bakevictoria <@t> gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 20:11:04 CST 2006


For anyone who feels that is not proper use of the histology list
server, I apologize but I'm desperate to find homes for about a dozen
cats that range in age from 8 weeks to approximately 2 years.

I've been foster caring for stray cats in my home that is located in
Rockland County NYS.  For career purposes I'm moving to Maryland and
cannot take all of the cats with me (although I wish I could).  I need
to find homes or foster care for these cats ASAP and if anyone knows
of anyone who would like a cat/kitten please let me know.

All are "domestic tiger type cats" some short hair and a couple long
hair.  I have 3 that are what I call mosaic marble cats they have
black/grey and tan markings all over.  Sweet tempered animals that
just want a home with a loving caring family.

If any of you know of anyone or know of an agency that can help me I
would be most grateful.

Thank you.

Vikki Baker

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