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Cheryl tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 00:54:45 CST 2006

Hi everyone--
  Thanks to all of you who wrote to say you liked when we rapscallion recruiters post our open positions!!  I appreciate the support and try really hard not to come across as a used car salesman (and before anyone is offended, yes, I've sold used cars :)(I didn't like it--ran right back to the Histo lab!)
  Most of you know I'm an old-school histotech weaned on formalin--I know a lot about the positions I work to fill. I've temped at quite a few and know the labs we help really well.  I don't staff labs where I wouldn't work--if I wouldn't work there, why would you?  So what do we have open?
  We have 17+ open temp positions--all over the country. New England (7), Central and Central Plains (3), Florida (3), Texas (1 or 2) and California (2)...there are more coming open but these are ready now through January 8 (with time for Christmas).  The positions range from night bench tech through grossing histotech--I pick up the phone after hours and on weekends--ask all the questions you want and we'll find one to fit (pending references).
  Over 40 open permanent positions. Many of these will consider temp-to-perm.  There is a job to fit every tech--and we like to think we're a little different than the rest.  Tell me what you want--where and what kind of lab--and we'll work FOR you.  Yes, there is a list, but let's find you THE DREAM JOB, not just the next job.  (Yes, they do exist.)
  Drop me a line, give a call--send a resume--whatever works for you.  I'll be temping next week (I really do work in the labs we staff) so the sooner you call the more time I can spend with you.  
  Also seeking: Cytotechs, Med Techs (all registries) and a Micro specialist.  We're growing!
  Happy Holidays to all and thanks for your continued support!
  Cheryl (Histo for hire-LOL!)

Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP) 
Full Staff Inc. 
Staffing the AP Lab by helping one Tech at a time. 
281.883.7704 c 
281.852.9457 o 
admin <@t> fullstaff.org 

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