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Wed Dec 13 09:26:46 CST 2006

  I used to have a log where a sticker with the case number was attached with space to write down the number and code of the cassettes used for each case, and the number of pieces in the cassette. The HT doing cassetiing wrote his/hers initials for each case.
  The next day that same log was used to check the cassette contents when embedding. The log was also initialized (by page, not by case this time) by the HT doing the embedding.
  This same log was used to assign cassettes to cut, and the initials of the HT sectioning was also added.
  In this way one single log was initialized at the grossing station, and was used during cassetting, embedding and to record the HT sectioning.
  Later on it was filed in 3 ring binders if somebody wanted to know who intervened in the different steps in any specific case.
  The information was used also to determine productivity during the different steps.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J. 

"Muskett David (ELHT) Pathology" <David.Muskett <@t> elht.nhs.uk> wrote:
  Dear All

I am currently reviewing the specimen tracking procedures within our

Can any one advise to methods they use within their laboratory about

Tracking the number of pieces within the lab

Tracking who has embedded the tissue.

Any advice or SOPs are welcome.



David Muskett

Chief Biomedical Scientist, Histology

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

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