[Histonet] Please,how to explain this IHC data?

Amy Lee amylee779 <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 09:12:21 CST 2006

  I have a IHC problem that keeps bothering me. I am asking the help from the expert here. 
  Tissue: human glioblastoma grow in mouse brain, frozen or FFPE. 
  Antibody is human antibody. 
  This antibody gave pretty stain in frozen tissue in glioblastoma area while the mouse brain area is negative. I was very happy to see that. But later when I did human IgG control it gave the same staining pattern as my primary antibody. However, when I did same thing on FFPE tissue, they are all negative for my antibody or hIgG.
  I am having trouble to explain this. 
  Could anybody help me explain this? If the staining I got from my primary antibody is all background, why only human glio has the staining? Why do frozen and FFPE tissue have such different results? 
  I appreciate any inputs on this!

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