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Bertmaring, Ian (Environment Health & Safety) ergonomics <@t> ehs.unc.edu
Mon Dec 11 15:46:47 CST 2006

 I have a situation that I am looking for a solution for and I figured
some one in this community could help me.  

The Problem:
When techs at UNC perform grossing, they often lean (while standing or
seated) with their head into the fume hood/bio safety cabinet to get a
top down view of the biopsies and excisions (performing inking,
describing markers, and slicing samples).  This posture poses a
significant risk of injury on the back and neck thus the need for a
workstation adjustment.  The risk of inhalation is low, but present, so
that is a minor concern as well.

Initial Thoughts:
1.  Rotate the sample to face the histologist, like reading a book.
2.  Affix the sample to a cutting board (or the surface currently in
use) by means of a reverse action tweezers mounted to the board.
3.  At this angle the histotech can see the sample with minimal neck
bending (while keeping the head out of the hood) as well as reduce the
need to hold the sample while performing inking, etc.  

1.  Has anyone tried this?
2.  Does anyone else have a solution that would work in this situation?
3.  What is your opinion on this solution?

Any ideas or comments are greatly welcome.

Thank you!


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