[Histonet] state website problems

Nancy W. Troiano nancy.troiano <@t> yale.edu
Mon Dec 11 07:04:46 CST 2006

In response to the loss of the Michigan Histotechnology website problems 
-I'd to let you know that our Connecticut State website was suddenly 
eliminated (it was a free website sponsored by LabVision) and when we 
inquired at LabVision as to why our website was suddenly eliminated and 
reverted to godaddy.com (when it wasn't set to expire until Dec 2007) it 
turns out that LabVision had no idea what we were talking about as far as 
website sponsorship (even the marketing dept had no clue what we were 
talking about).  It turns out that the website sponsoring was through Jim 
Kieffer of FX Roads (a consultant for LabVision) and both Jim Kieffer and 
FX Roads have disappeared from the face of the earth so our attempts to 
contact him or his company have been unsuccessful.  Now all of our hard 
work in setting up the website is lost, and we can't even take over 
possession of the cthisto.org website without finding Jim Kieffer or his 
company and getting their approval.  It is a nightmare to say the least - 
and a warning that nothing for free is worth it.  To those state societies 
using LabVision as a sponsor of their websites - beware....this could 
happen to you too.  Can anybody give me information on how to establish a 
new website (that our own State society will pay for)?   I don't know how 
to go about doing this.  Thanks - Nancy Troiano (203)785-5136

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