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With respect compost just does happen; it is a very delicate process
incorporating bacteria and aerated vegetable material, usually. Too wet
and you get a sick fermentation, too dry and you don't get any. I knew
this Pathologist who spent ages rotarising  vegetable matter at god
knows what time in the morning to produce compost to grow marrows on the
side of a mine spillage mound. What was his name.......?

I don't know how you can ignore floaters unless you revisit the block
and investigate its presence or absence. That amount of tumour seedling
is worrying, do you not filter the alcohols regularly and change the
last batch? If you accept their presence then sods law will place them
in a place on a slide that you accept to present reality and surely it's
no defense just to say that it is a floater; that is just so much like
the other type of floater, with respect.  

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