[Histonet] ASCP review booklet

Kaye Ryan ryakay <@t> shands.ufl.edu
Fri Dec 8 12:54:51 CST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I hope I am not going to get in trouble for this posting but not sure
what else to do.  I presented an ASCP review session at the past NSH
meeting and I had a list of people that wanted my review booklet and
that list seems to have disappeared.  If you are one that was on the
list could you please respond to me personally with your address and I
will get it sent to you.  Please do not tie up the histonet with your
address info.

Thanks so much,
Kaye Ryan

Kaye Ryan
Histology Manager/Educational Coordinator
Rocky Point Laboratories
265-0111, 72093

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