[Histonet] cryostat whisperer???... (i need parts for a Leica, STAT)

Debbie Keith debbiekeith <@t> cox.net
Thu Dec 7 21:11:44 CST 2006

i'd like to thank everyone for their input about my recent cryostat issues...

the biomedical repair-folk came out on wednesday and diagnosed the 
issue.  it seems the screw/lever on the chuck assembly (that tightens the 
chuck) has been over-tightened to the point of stripping the threads and 
rendering it chronically "un-tight".  the harder it's tightened... the 
harder it has to be tightened.

one of the repair-folk actually had what MUST have been a "Viola 
Moment".  he tightened the handle and it sectioned like a spanky-new 
machine would.  it was beautiful.  after he left, i cut the next block... 
and had to adjust the chuck.  keep in mind that this repair guy is a 
STRAPPING person that could EASILY haul large farm equipment with the best 
of them.... and i have the upper body strength of the average 3 year-old.

after much crying, causing ice crystals to form and a hush to fall...  i 
called the repair guy. he told me it was going to take 2-4 weeks for the 
parts to come from Leica.

is there anyone out there that KNOWS where to get the parts quicker?

i would like to note...  the repair guy is pretty good.  he doesn't make 
much conversation... but he "listens" to the machine.  he said, without 
even looking at the machine, "i listen for the sound the machine makes when 
it's cutting 'right'."

later, when it WAS cutting right... he said "do you hear that?? huh? do you 
hear THAT???".  it DID make a very distinct sound. next time you make a 
beautiful section... listen for the "sssschhhuctt" sound.  THEN, think of 
me crying into my cm1510.

(seriously, any ideas about parts?)


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