[Histonet] Eosin Y aqueous

Martin S. sonya.martin <@t> soton.ac.uk
Tue Dec 5 09:17:30 CST 2006

Has anyone used Aqueous Eosin Y from Sigma for H&E staining frozen
sections. It always seems to leach out of the tissue - I have tried
staining for between 2-10minutes (the staining is always very strong
before washing). I have tried mounting in aqueous mountant (Vector)
after washing with tap water (5min) and also in DPX after dehydrating in
alcohol and clearing in zylene. In both instances most of the Eosin
staining was washed away or leached out while the mountant was setting. 
I will buy some different eosin if I cant get this one to work but just
wondered if anyone has encountered similar problems.

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