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Mon Dec 4 06:54:28 CST 2006

Hi Jeannette,

We have used the RHS-1 and 2 for over three years now and love it.  We
are currently only processing our biopsies but we have just installed
the PATHOS which will do all tissue types.

The pro's for utilizing the microwave technology are of course the
turn-around-times.  We are able to process small biopsies in just under
an hour and have them ready for embedding.  The tissues cut so much
better and the stain quality is wonderful.  We used to have a lot of
problems with chatter in our gastric and colon biopsies and this is
virtually done away with when using the microwave processing.  I am one
of those "die hard" histologists that has to have everything proven to
me and I am totally sold on the microwave, especially the Milestone
model.  You only use three reagents so there is a good savings in
reagents cost and if you do not recycle, the hauling of hazardous

The only real "con" I can see is that you have to be there to change
the solutions when the timer goes off.  This is done away with the
PATHOS as it is fully automated.  We are very excited about all the
possibilities with this technology.

Hope this helps answer some questions,

Kaye Ryan

Kaye Ryan
Histology Manager/Educational Coordinator
Rocky Point Laboratories
265-0111, 72093

>>> "Mitchell, Jeannette M." <Jeannette.Mitchell <@t> vtmednet.org>
12/1/2006 2:01 PM >>>
Our lab is looking into the possibility of Microwave processing.  For
those of you who have worked with Milestone RHS-1 microwave processor,
what are the  Pros and cons of the processor.  Thanks for your
Jeannette Mitchell
R&D Histotech

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