[Histonet] Frozens section cutinng by resident Dr

Stephen Peters M.D. petepath <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Aug 25 06:39:11 CDT 2006

Dear Muhammad,
  Pathologists and residents here at HUMC pathologists, prepare our own frozens. 
  Our residents from UMDNJ do the same here and at University hospital. Hopefully 
  you will find that residents are still preparing frozens in many of our 
  residency programs. I believe it is a very important part of our training and  is 
  a requirement of the American Board of Pathology.Even in hospitals where 
  histologists and PA's prepare the frozens, the pathologists will often find 
  themselves needing these skills in off hours. I have observed a 
  great variability in the training and ability of pathologists at the cryostat. For
   this reason I  offer all I have learned in my experience in a free frozen section
   tutorial on my web site at :
  I have also offered this as a workshop at a number of histosociety meetings and will be giving it at the region II  meeting on Oct 28. 

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