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Thu Aug 24 20:28:28 CDT 2006

I responded to the original requester of this information privately 
yesterday.  I believe she is being misled by statements such as "There is 
another histo school online... it's Harford community college in MD. It's a 
good program."

I am sure this is a good program.  However, one cannot complete this program 
and take their boards unless they comply with what Peggy Wenk said below:

"I feel like I have wandered into the middle of a conversation with this. 
Don't know what preceded this comment, but will try to answer from this 
point on.

The THEORY of Histotechnology could be taught on line. What educators call 
the "didactics."

Floyd Grimm III, in a NAACLS accredited program at Harford Community College 
in Bel Air, Maryland has most of his histotechnology lectures on line. The 
students download the homework, and email the answers back in.  They follow 
links to other sites, and read up on procedures from other institutions. 
They follow links that Floyd has set up, to look at photos of equipment, and 
the end results of stains. I think they could also take some practice exams 
via the internet.

HOWEVER, his students still need to come in to the college to do the lab 
portion of the college courses. And they still need to do their clinical 
rotations in the area hospital and private labs.  So they are still getting 
hands-on in the college labs and the hospital labs. But they are getting the 
theory on-line."

PLEASE folks, before informing anyone about what you THINK you know, refer 
them to www.ASCP.org and let them check out all the actual requirements for 
licensure.  So much has changed in the past few years, I doubt all the HT & 
HTL licensees are even aware of all the changes.

Best regards,

Sarah A. Jones, HTL(ASCP)
Dako North America, Inc.
Research Associate
(800) 235-5743  ext. 5681

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