[Histonet] CD4/CD8 staining in murine lungs

Julius A. Potian potianju <@t> umdnj.edu
Thu Aug 24 13:23:41 CDT 2006

   I am new to the world of Frozen section IHC and am trying to standardize a protocol for cd8/cd4 staaing in murine lung tissues embedded in OCT.  I have tried without success to stain these sections with primary antibodies from biolegend, secondary antibody biotinylted anti-rat IgG(H+L) from vector labs.  I was wondering if anybody has recomendations on a protocol or better antibodies than the one I am using.  Also, in developing my slides with DAB (biogenex), sometimes my whole tissue sections turns brown within the matter of seconds.  I have done through washes to remove any unbound antibody.  I don't know why or where this is occuring.  Is it in my snap freezing, sectioning, or staining?  Thanks in advance. 

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