[Histonet] VEGF antibody, clone VG1

Andi Kappeler kappeler <@t> patho.unibe.ch
Tue Aug 22 01:03:12 CDT 2006

Has anybody successfully used Dako's mouse-anti human VEGF, clone VG1? We 
have tried it at 2-4 ug/ml with 7 different pretreatments (enzymes, HIER 
with different buffers) on various tissues (including tonsil, colon, 
pancreas, breast carcinoma, endometrium) and the best we have got are a few 
isolated positive exocrine cells in the pancreas and the lumina of vessels 
that stain positive. This is in sharp contrast to what Turley et al. (J 
Pathol 186:313-18, 1998), who developped the antibody, describe. 
Visualization is with a conventional 3-step ABC-system. Anybody with better 
results with that particular clone? Pretreatment? Antibody concentration? 
Positve controls? Many thanks for your feedback.

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland 

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