[Histonet] Why tissue sections from resin blocks have black deposits?

Sulekha Ravi sulekhababy <@t> yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 18 04:19:30 CDT 2006

Dear members
  I have a problem with my resin blocks.We make resin blocks for non decalcified bone and vessel with metallic stent in my research laboratory. We dehydrate the tissue in ascending grades of alcohol, impregnate with methyl methacrylate monomer and then make blocks in polymerised methyl methacrylate.Some areas of tissue in these blocks have white opaque precipitate like dirt in it. When sections from such blocks are seen under microscope, these areas are black precipitate like deposits, masking the entire cellular architecture. We tried sonicating the sections in water with and without detergents. But nothing helped. Please help me to rectify this serious problem.
  Sr. Technical Asst
  India 695012

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