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Thu Aug 17 08:50:49 CDT 2006

Dear Peggy,

The selection process of a disinfectant depends on the target microorganisms
and the type of disinfection (pre-cleaning, primary disinfection, terminal
disinfection, etc.) needed.

I am a novice to the details of disinfection, therefore I recommend you
contact the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), your facility's
biological safety officer (BSO) or a BSO at a university near your location.

You may be able to use a quaternary ammonium compound in combination with an
alcohol for pre-cleaning then perform a sterilization using an autoclave or
ethylene oxide (the sterilization performed on the removable parts that have
direct contact with specimens). I have been outside of the hospital
environment for a while, therefore these suggestions are guesses.

Please e-mail me if you need to contact more individuals in the biosafety
field who could answer this question better than I can.


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