[Histonet] Re: Immunostaining for H. pylori

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Wed Aug 16 12:24:36 CDT 2006

Joseph Nerk (where?) asks:

>>Does any in histo land can recommend a good Immunostaining detection kit 
for Helicobacter pylori, have been seeing a lit recently but the pathologist 
looks at the Giemsa but still will like the Immunostaining method.<<

For the last year or so we've been using the Cell Marque polyclonal, with a 
Ventana stainer, and have had very little trouble with it. As a pathologist, my 
take on immunostaining Helicobacter is that it saves me a lot of time. With 
one stain a day and 20 cases to sign out, I don't mind searching a Giemsa or 
Diff-Quik II stain with an oil immersion lens, but if I've got 10 cases a day 
and 70 cases to sign out, it's a great help.

Another point to consider: if you do the immunostain, you greatly increase 
the total number of immunostains you do. That can justify setting up 
immunohistochemistry in a pathology service that's otherwise too small to have it.

Bob Richmond
Gastonia NC

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