[Histonet] Two patient identifiers and handwritten blocks

chiggerson <@t> memhosp.com chiggerson <@t> memhosp.com
Tue Aug 15 08:37:01 CDT 2006

For those of you that are still handwriting accession numbers on your 

1.      Do you require both the accession number and the patient's name to 
be handwritten on the cassettes to meet the two patient identifier patient 
safety requirement?

2.      If so, do you require the patient's full name? Or last name, first 

3.      If not using the patient's name as the second identifier, what are 
you using? Medical Record Number? 

4.      If not using two patient identifiers (accession number only), how 
are you justifying not using two identifiers to meet the patient safety 

5.      For those that have implemented adding a second handwritten 
identifier to blocks, how did your staff react?

The obvious solution is a cassette labeler, however it just is not going 
to happen soon.  Thank you in advance for your response to this very 
important issue. 


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