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Lori Richey lrichey <@t> u.washington.edu
Mon Aug 14 14:05:49 CDT 2006

My suggestion is to run comparative studies.  Fix  the same tissue in 
formalin, and the rapid fixative, and run a comparison on a conventional 
processor.  You may not want to use the rapid fixative, and continue to 
use formalin. There may be nothing you can do about the staining 
artifact in certain tissues. Some tissues may be acceptable and some may 
not.  The pathologists need to see a  comparison for every tissue type 
in order to make their decision about the use of the  processor.  We 
still only run small biopsies, excluding breast, skin and renal.  
Everything is fixed in formalin.

a.schmidt <@t> fuse.net wrote:

>To All,
>    We have the new Sakura Rapid Tissue Processor and I could really use some feedback!   We seem to be having trouble with inconsistencies in fixation--staining artifact and all sorts of things!  We were processing about 75% of our surgical specimens on it and have since cut back to just small biopsies because of pathologist complaints. Help---any suggestions as what worked for you!! Sakura is coming in this week to help us too!!
>                                     Thanks
>                                                 Angie Schmidt
>                                                   Tri-Health Labs--Cincinnati,Ohio
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